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Complete ISO 13485-compliant quality management system program!  Package includes all required documentation and recordkeeping practices necessary for complete, effective, and 100% ISO 13485 compliant monitoring and measuring equipment controls and calibration process!  Package includes an open source Access Database for ‘paperless’ calibrations process and records controls.   (Click here for more details re ISO calibration requirements and this system)


ISO 9001, ISO 13485 & AS9100 - Section 7.6 (all)    


Documentation provided:
1. DIY Do It Yourself Boilerplate documented procedure for establishing the requirements for and fundamental controls of monitoring and measurement equipment, to define calibration requirements for the organization, and to establish the responsibilities and link with the record keeping database provided.
2. DIY Do It Yourself Boilerplate sample instruction for the internal calibration of calipers.
3. DIY Do It Yourself Boilerplate sample instruction for the internal calibration of OD micrometers.
4. DIY Do It Yourself Boilerplate sample internal calibration instruction template.  

Calibration Database provided has provisions for:
1. Defines measurement equipment by tool types, calibration strategies and requirements. 
2. Establishes internal calibration requirements, and links to specific calibration instruction, tool pictures.
3. Manages records of external and internal calibrations, i.e. history, results, and actions taken. 
4. Records out-of-tolerance incidents and closure before re-use.
5. Provides for automatic Email notifications and visible Alerts for expired tools.
6. Quickly search and view histories and certs (paperless calibration records!)
7. Industry-standard database reports include Tool List, Individual Tool History, and ‘What’s due next?’

1. Microsoft Access open-source database that can be used as stand-alone, or integrated with most ERP systems Microsoft Access is NOT required.
2. Can be run using Microsoft Access 2007 or 2010 runtime
3. Database User Guide provides setup instructions and operators' guide for each module. 

Product Code: AFC-13485-16
Price: $599 USD

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