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Our Overall Consulting Capabilities and Services include:

Our primary expertise are in quality management systems, fabrication, manufacturing and distribution systems, purchasing and supply chain management, and project management, and in a broad range of business-sectors, including aerospace, audio-visual, electronics, medical devices, and semiconductor (both devices and equipment). Most recently our the majority of our consulting services customers have been small to medium (1 to 400 employees) businesses, but we also have a great deal of ‘big-business’ manufacturing, purchasing, supplier management, and project management experience on staff. Our consultants’ capabilities include assessing/auditing, process design, and performing tasks personally. We simply tailor our consulting services to meet the needs of our customers!

Our Quality Systems Expertise includes (commercial, medical, aerospace, environmental & automotive):

The majority of our services and projects over the last 11 years have supported:

But our supporting consultants and collegues are also experienced in:


ISO 9001


(FDA) 510K submittal and clinical trials


ISO 13485


ISO 14000 Series


TS 29001 (Oil industry)



Our Manufacturing Systems Support Capabilities include:

ü  Creating and implementing basic manufacturing systems and standards, such as part numbering, BOM and kitting structures, build models, production line set-up, shop travelers, and quality control methods.

ü  Creating and implementing advanced manufacturing and inventory control systems, such as ‘lean manufacturing’, DFT, 5S, ‘demand flow’, JIT, KANBAN, and etc.

ü  (Significant experience in) Creating and implementing document control and engineering change control systems.

Our Purchasing and Supplier Management Capabilities include:

ü  Supplier surveys, selection, risk assessments, and qualification.

ü  Supplier audits, performance measurement, and development.

ü  Supplier purchasing and partnering agreements.

ü  Outsourced purchasing, on a project basis.

ü  Contract supplier management and development – worldwide!

Our Project Management and Support Capabilities:

ü  We can provide, implement and train – effective project management tools and procedures – the tools used by Intel, NCR, and many others!.

ü  Provide on-site project management leadership, training, or support.

Why choose AccuFast’s Consulting Services?

We believe our consulting firm has a business model, and team of experienced consultants, that will result in excellent customer service, and with ‘below-market’ total cost to the customer. Our lower cost focus allows AccuFast Consulting to be competitive in Arizona, and throughout the Southwest.  With this model, we believe AccuFast Consulting will prosper and grow, from ‘glowing referrals’, from delighted new and repeat customers!

The AccuFast Consulting business model:

Guarantee 100% customer satisfaction on every project through:

ü  Using only known and highly experienced consultant resources.

ü  Staying current with quality systems requirements through continuous training.

ü  Fully clarifying and project requirements and customer expectations up-front.

ü  Executing to the plan flawlessly.  Checking progress frequently.

ü  Providing more than expected!

ü  Soliciting honest customer management feedback frequently!

ü  Using customer feedback to drive improvement!

Provide the most competitive and affordable costs through:

ü  Keeping AccuFast’s ‘hourly/daily’ rate structure low by minimizing the business ‘overhead’ by:

ü  Keeping our client-charged expenses low through:

ü  Continually improving our strategies, boilerplates, and consulting processes!

IF we have the expertise and capabilities you are looking for……. You won’t be disappointed!

We will provide the customer satisfaction you deserve, and the affordability you appreciate!! 

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